My Favourite Things – Fly I Will, Because I Can

Brooklyn-based quartet My Favourite Things will be releasing their new album ‘Fly I Will, Because I Can’, for which they are previewing the new single ‘I Don’t Know’ on the trail of their first single ‘A Little Closer’. The videos for both singles were created by Gi Yong Rhee.
This is the third album from My Favourite Things, founded in Brooklyn by Dorothea Tachler (formerly of Igloo, The Swirlies, Alles Wie Gross). Fans of Beach House, Broadcast, dreampop and shoegaze should enjoy the album’s melancholic swaying, melody-rich offerings. This album should also appeal to lovers of acoustic folk music artists such as James Yorkston and Bonnie “Prince” Billy.
“This song is about the unknown, uncertainty, and on the flip side: potential. It’s about the space you are in when you don’t know about a certain thing or someone how it’ll work out and there’s the worst case thinking and best case thinking or hoping all happening at the same time. Cause really, we never know- it could go a number of ways,” explains Dorothea Tachler.
Dorothea wrote and produced all the songs with their many textures, owing to the use of multiple instruments, many of which she also played: violins, flutes and autoharps weave in and out of twinkling glockenspiels, vibraphones and intricate, sometimes shredding guitars, delivered on a solid bed of a grabbing bass and ripping drums, with Dorothea’s balmy voice hovering and twinkling atop.
“I found the phrase “a little closer” synonymous with the feeling of anticipation. This is also self reflective of the band’s anticipation, concurrent in real world / real time application, as they release their new singles, the new album, as they shoot music videos, etc. This video juxtaposes both the shooting of their music video to the recounting of their collective history over the years both on and off the stage – moments in the past that have guided and shaped them now in the present, bringing them a little closer to their dreams,” says videographer Gi Yong Rhee.
From a young age, her Korean/German/Croatian background has immersed her in a diversity of musical influences, which have shaped her. In 2009, she released “rarara” (Afterhours/Japan), followed by “Tomorrow’s Far Away” in 2013, featuring guest vocals from several friends and former band-mates, including Valerie Trebeljahr of Lali Puna, Damon Tutunjan from The Swirlies, Daru Oda (Norah Jones), Sean Meadows (June of 4, Lungfish), and Doug Scharin (Codeine, HIM, Rex).
“Music was my anchor and my lighthouse in stormy and dark nights, and putting my inner turmoil into words really helped me process it better. It was kind of my metamorphosis, being disintegrated like a chrysalis, and being shaped into something new,” explains Tachler.
When performing live, My Favourite Things appear in different formations, ranging from a solo act to a five-piece band, featuring prominent musicians from the buoyant New York scene: Yoshio “Tony” Kobayashi on drums, Yusuke Yamamoto on vibraphone and synthesizers, Michael Figgiani on bass, and various other talents.
The band has played many venues in the unforgiving NYC music circuit, transporting transfixed audiences from their chaotic built-up urban environments to a twilight world of their own favourite things. Last year, My Favourite Things also toured Germany, featuring Notwist frontman Markus Acher on drums, along with other talented and experienced musicians from Germany’s active band scene.
01  Sunlight
02  Everything Changes
03  Goodbye Again
04  Still Practicing
05  Some Things Stay the Same
06  Growing Pains
07  Nobody Knows
08  A Little Closer
09  Keep Letting Go
10  Spaceman
11  The Longest Winter
12  I Don’t Know
Directed and edited by Gi Yong Rhee
Cinematography Takeshi Inamura
Additional footage by Min-Soo Ellen Kim
Animation by Uma Sharma
Music and Lyrics by Dorothea Tachler
Styling Giselle Carrera
Band mates Dorothea Tachler, Michael Figgiani, Yoshio Kobayashi, Yusuke Yamamoto, and Sora Louise Oda Figgiani
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