Blue Sunset

BLUE SUNSET is the first Italian cyber-punk movie of the new millennium. It evokes the colors and visuals of seminal movies from the ‘80s. The story, written by Andrea Cavalletto (DARK WAVES, DOLL SYNDROME) is about a hacker tasked with hiding mind control systems behind a corporation’s video games. But soon, altered by hallucinogenic drugs, the hacker’s mind will begin to drift away from reality and into the virtual realm.

Domiziano Cristopharo (HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS, RED KROKODIL) directs this first attempt at the science fiction genre without limiting himself; in an explosion of colorful visions, creative dreamscapes and techno nightmares.

L’ALCHIMISTA NON percepisce ed è contraria ai finanziamenti pubblici (anche il 5 per mille). La sua forza sono iscrizioni e contributi donati da chi ci ritiene utile.