Blades In The Darkness

Blades In The Darkness, the new action/horror movie directed by Alex Visani (Stomach, Born Dead).

Produced by Aspide 1UG and J&K Media Partner, Blades In The Darkness is written by Alex Visani and Lorenzo Lepori. The movie has a big cast with the Italian star Manuela Arcuri, Lorenzo Lepori, Francesco Rossini (Dracula 3D) and Arnold Damazzeti, the emerging martial artist from Albania.

Shot entirely in Tirana, Albania, inside an old abandoned post-communist bunker, the movie was shot twenty meters under the surface in extreme weather and temperature conditions (10°C below zero). Full of action, gore and twists, Blades in the Darkness is the Albanian reply to a cult classic like Predator.

Winner of the Best International Film at the Days Of The Dead Atlanta, the movie has been selected in numerous prestigious film festivals such as Razor Reel Film Festival, Rojo Sangre Buenos Aires, Los Angeles Horror FilmFest, Dracula FilmFest in Romania, Demonic Brilliance FilmFest and Astrophobia FilmFest Canada. The movie has been released theatrically by Cineplexx in Albania and other Balkan countries in October 2022. EuroObscura will handle international sales at the European Film Market.

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