An interview with Judith Owen by Gianni Leone

Judith OwenGL: In Ebb & Flow, you explored various emotional themes, such as: love, pain, hope, joy, loneliness and more … Your new album is a journey into your soul. How deep was the trip?

Judith Owen: Very deep, I wrote most of the songs when my father was ill and dying and that writing really was the way I got through. It was the place I could express my deepest emotions…pain, love, fear and joy at having experienced so much with him. But that’s what music is all about. Giving you the permission to feel the deepest and scariest of emotions.

GL: What was the inspiration behind Ebb & Flow?

Judith Owen: It was a ‘thank you’ to my father and a throwback to my childhood and my favorite family memory of us singing along to James Taylor. It’s my happiest memory, the ones that include music always are. And of course it was the first time I heard the amazing musicians who I’m now playing with…Leland Sklar, Russ Kunkel, & Waddy Wachtel. That Laurel Canyon sound of the 70’s influenced me so much as a confessional singer songwriter, so it’s a love letter to that time and to that happy memory of us in the car, as a family.

GL: What do you think about immortality?

Judith Owen: As an artist, I think immortality only exists when art stands the test of time and lives on. But who creates for that reason? Not Mozart or Puccini! And really aren’t we all just atoms and matter… a tiny part of a bigger picture? To me it’s about living in the here and now and accepting that this IS heaven and that every minute is precious

GL: Can you remember the very first moment that you decided that you wanted to be a performer?

Judith Owen: It was so early I can’t even remember. I always wanted to act and that’s really a huge part of performing. I think it’s a need that’s always been there and coming from an artistic family, it was just second nature really. No one was telling me I should get a “real” job. Just a good education because knowledge is power.

GL: Who are some of your musical influences?

Judith Owen: My dad was the first. He was an Opera singer at Royal Opera House Covent Garden, so I was seeing Operas from age 5 and that really got into my blood…all that passion and drama. I loved it! Then there’s everything classical, of course the piano greats…Chopin, Rachmaninov. Also jazz, Sinatra & Ella, Oscar Peterson etc. Throw in Aretha, Stevie Wonder, Motown, Taylor, Carole King, Joni and some sad Welsh folk music and you’ve got a taste of everything that’s influenced me. I have very broad taste. I’m no music snob!

GL: Is there a song in Ebb & Flow you most identify with?

Judith Owen: I think “I Would Give Anything” really sums up who I am after losing my father. I am filled with regret and longing, and the disbelief I still feel when I remember he’s gone. We all know that one…

GL: When do you think to be in Italy this year?

Judith Owen: I’m not sure as yet, but I’m constantly nagging my team to get me there, as it’s my favorite place in the world…honestly. We used to go to Italy every summer when I was a kid and it got into my blood. I dream of strolling through Sienna, gelato in hand…heaven!

GL:Are there any other projects you’re currently working on that you can share some details about?

Judith Owen: I’m working on a piece of musical theatre…my first actually. It’s semi-classical and goes back to my roots. Now wouldn’t it be brilliant to bring that to Italy…the land of Opera!

GL: A special greeting to our readers…

Judith Owen: Hi to all the blogzine readers.  I hope you’ll check out my music now. I’m looking forward to coming back to Italy, for some shows, some gelato and the true pleasure of entertaining you in person! Spread the word….

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