Coming from Brasil: Granell, the interview by Gianni Leone

G.L.: When did you first start singing?
Enio Torres: I started singing in my teens at the time I was a guitarist that’s when i replaced the lead singer of a band I had with my brother, Josué.

G.L.: What did your families the Encourage to you?
Enio Torres: All my family hás influenced me. They sent me to a music school

G.L.: Who are your musical inspirations?
Enio Torres: There are many, I like listening to all styles of music, really like Jamiroquai, Coldplay, The Killers, Maroon 5, kings of Lions, Metallica and many other bands …

G.L.: What kind of music do you listen to today?
Enio Torres: I listen to alternative music a lot, such as: indie pop, alternative rock.

G.L.: What might I find embarrassing songs on your MP3 player?
Enio Torres: Soundtrack of the movie “Zorba the Greek”

G.L.: What genre of music you can not stand to listen to?
Enio Torres: ”Sertanejo universitário” (A kind of country music)

G.L.: Do you enjoy writing music and / or lyrics?
Enio Torres: Yes I love, It always write something, i write and compose songs in Granell.

G.L.: Given Best advice ever?
Enio Torres: Love and do WHAT you do

G.L.: Where do you hope to be by 2012?
Enio Torres: In many scenarios, if possible in Italy. Learn about it’s culture. I adore it a lot.

G.L.: Do you know some italian singer?
Enio Torres: Yes, no doubt, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli and the beautiful Chiara Civello who recorded some songs with a Brazilian singer, Ana Carolina.

G.L.: A special greeting to our readers…
Enio Torres: I hope you like our songs, and that soon Granell Will be able to play in Italy because it is a country that I have long wanted to visit, a big hug to everyone.

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