Ivana Mer “Mereus” remixed by Poncho+Casino Tart [Japan]

As a result of the exchange between Slovakian singer and songwriter Ivana Mer and Japanese producer Ugh Yoing (member of Poncho+Casino Tart), appears this powerful remix of “Mereus”. The original song is the first single from “Early Works” [2016, Slnko Records], the debut of Ivana.

In “About Early Works” she says that “the lyrics and the music came together in one moment in Prague, in 2008 I think, when I recorded it alone with the computer. It speaks about the mythological creature, which is Mereus, the king of the seas. He is calling you by sirens so that you can see your soul in his mirror. All of a sudden the lyrics appeared and I did not really understand their meaning. And then gradually, through this mythological story, I realized that it was about the deeper inward immersion.”

About his work, Ugh tells “we added an accompaniment of images that were suitable for the voices and that were different from the original song. I started adding a chord progression, a base, different from the original. Then I added a beat that fits good, the melody and then appears other. All the work was done in one week. We released a new double album through Nunulaxnulan, Japanese label, containing recent works, collaborations and remixes. Mereus is included, we like it a lot.”

Filmed in 10 cities of 6 countries (Banská Bystrica, Bátovce, Banská Štiavnica, Bratislava and Zvolen [Slovakia], Venice [Italy], Ibiza [Spain], Prague [Czech Republic] ), the clip was produced and edited by Cristian Estrella. His work was focused on “connecting with water in all its forms and states, seas, rivers, fish ponds, snow … most of the shots were made with a mobile phone and the macro lens. Amazing shapes appeared. We are made of water. More than half of our body belongs to it. Ivana’s martial attitude adds an amusing and dynamic component.”

The remix is part of “Early Works REMIXED vol.1” along with works of djs and producers from Argentina, Uruguay, Greece, and Australia. The track will be also included in the second volume that will be released in the physical format during the following months. Musicians from Mexico, Slovakia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Hungary already confirmed their participation.

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