In order to support the implementation of new charitable projects scheduled for this year, Pope Francis has decided to support Italian association History Life Onlus through the donation of a zucchetto worn by His Holiness and a signed photograph. On October first, the precious package arrived at the headquarters of the organization accompanied by a certificate written by the Secretary of His Holiness certifying the origin of the headgear. The donation is aimed at the renewal of projects for the two-year period 2020-2021 including: the establishment of scholarships for the Istituto Comprensivo Statale di Spoltore, the support for the community “Capanna di Betlemme di Chieti – Papa Giovanni XXIII” and the establishment of a fund to be donated to Amref Health Africa in order to contribute to the “Women In School Health (Wish)” project. History Life Onlus actively promotes charity projects aimed at the protection and promotion of culture and art at a national and international level, in particular through the establishment of scholarships in favor of deserving but economically disadvantaged young students.

L’ALCHIMISTA NON percepisce ed è contraria ai finanziamenti pubblici (anche il 5 per mille). La sua forza sono iscrizioni e contributi donati da chi ci ritiene utile.