Frank Sinutre – The Boy Who Believed He Could Fly

Frank Sinutre is an electronic duo born in 2011 and ready to release the third studio album after years of performances and live sets in clubs and live soundtrack of video-art projects in Italy and abroad. One of the key elements is the balance between electric guitars and vocals, by Michele K. Menghinez and synths and programming parts by Isi Pavanelli who built himself a reactaBOX, a midi controller based on reacTIVision. It’s a optically-operated cube that works as a midi controller by placing and moving special objects on its surface and drummaBOX, an acoustic drum machine based on Arduino. Those features are relevant in Frank Sinutre’s live set, from a visual and from a musical point of view: through those devices the band can play live or interact with sequences in real time. The tracks show different souls of the project, sometimes “song oriented” like in “Urban-Park-Sleeping Lovers”, an electro-funk with vocoder and 70s atmospheres or “Driving Thru a City By Night”, more laid-back and downtempo or the futuristic blues of “La Forma Del Sol” and the arpeggiators of “Challenger 1986”. Frank Sinutre’s music has a strong relation with Giovanni Tutti’s artwork and visual. We can consider him as the third member of the project, often enriching their concerts with his live visuals.
The concept of the album is here explained by the band itself:
“The Boy Who Believed He Coud Fly” is a work inspired by the story of a person who thought he could fly using an umbrella, but it’s neither Mary Poppins nor Batman dressed as Mary Poppins. It’s just the story of a friend of ours who thinks he can fly over all the rubbish of the world. This is a living person. He lives his own way and despite the time passing by and the changed subjects of our talks, he really discovered a way to fly, using an umbrella. You can check it personally next summer, from the window of your studio pad or outside your suburban standard modular house. You might see him with his umbrella, believe it or not…”

Tracklist: 1. Credeva Di Volare (0.333) / 2. Sunset With Sunrise / 3. Urban-Park-Sleeping Lovers / 4. Driving Thru A City By Night / 5. What A Strange Life / 6. Challenger / 7. Credeva Di Volare (0.667) feat Cranchi / 8. Be All You Can Be / 9. Under That Wind /10. La Forma Del Sol / 11. But The Boy Believed To Fly – Feat Zighi / 12. Credeva Di Volare (1.000)


Discography: “La Colpa Della Leonessa” (2012) – “Musique Pour Les Poissons” – (2014) – The Boy Who Believed He Could Fly (2017)

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