Escobar – Misbehavior

23 years after the beginning of grunge’s demise, France’s Escobar have produced an album that drags that original sound back up by the scruff of its neck, gives it a good kicking of visceral angst, and sends it back out into the world once again.

One of the unfortunate fallouts from the success of the 90s Seattle sound that defined a generation for so many was the propulsion of some truly terrible groups to the top of the charts. Attempting to imitate the sound created during that time for a mainstream stadium rock audience just didn’t work. For Escobar, it’s as though the clock has been turned back to before the grunge scene floundered under its own success, before it produced wave after wave of contrived careerist copycats, and before the surviving godfathers of the scene soared to the stratosphere. On their third album they have captured the energy and feeling that captivated the world back at the turn of the 90s and have brought it hurtling forward to 2017.

Hailing from Limoges, Escobar was formed in 2014 by vocalist/guitarist Remi Lucas (Weird Omen, The Anomalys) and drummer Charly “Kayo” Cailleaud (The Bushmen, Daria). With the release of debut album エスコバルin 2015 and its successor Bird Of Prey the following year, the band was met with widespread acclaim which is sure to escalate through the rousing antics of The Biggest Sound. Such its addictive melodic hook laden clamour, it is easy to expect the album to thrust Escobar into the biggest spotlights as eureka moments go off in new ears to spark a fresh tsunami of lusty attention.

That success only builds as the insatiable punk ‘n’ roll of Misbehavior devours ears, again the two protagonists creating a noise clad contagion which sparks body and spirit. As with those around it, the song makes physical involvement a given in its swift but unquenchably boisterous escapade; a perpetual trait across The Biggest Sound!

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