Independent film Transference: A Bipolar Love Story released on YouTube in May 2021, has reached over 13 million views and continues to achieve over 30k views a day.

Indie film Transference, written, directed and produced by Raffaello Degruttola and his production company Contro Vento Films has experienced unprecedented audience numbers after going viral on YouTube.

“Independent film Transference: A Bipolar Love Story released on YouTube has reached over 13 million views and continues to achieve over 30k a day”

Starring Lotte Verbeek (Outlander, The Borgias), Christina Chong (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Black Mirror) and Degruttola in the lead role of Nik, the film follows a Norwegian nurse Katarina – played by newcomer Emilie Sofie Johannesen, starting a new job in palliative care in a London hospital. When she meets older male nurse Nik, Katrina initiates a passionate love affair that ultimately suffers the consequences of concealed mental health issues.

The “guerilla style” micro budget film was shot with a skeleton crew around the streets of London with Degruttola often filming in his local neighbourhood of Finchley and in homes of friends and family.

“The greatest currency for a creative is having people experience and appreciate their vision and work on a mass scale”, said filmmaker, Degruttola. “Selecting YouTube as the viewing platform for Transference has provided so much gratification because my film has been found and shared by so many – and huge budgets weren’t needed to get here”.

Lotte Verbeek adds: “Money was never a motivation when it comes to small projects like this. It’s all about the inspiration and the heart of the film. It’s inspiring to be on the creative level of storytelling”.

The film can be viewed on YouTube here and the trailer here

About Contro Vento Films

Contro Vento Films is a production company that exists to step outside the box and push against the status quo of film making. Using the resources, people and the environment around us, building momentum as we go and concentrating on story and performances is at our core.

Raffaello Degruttola and the cast are available for interviews or further discussion.

Degruttola’s director reel can be seen here

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