Oui Plastique – Failure

Failure is the new single from electronica act Oui Plastique, to be released the 8th of March 2021 through ScentAir Records. It will be the lead single from the forthcoming debut album, Fraternity of Strangers.

Oui Plastique are Martin Nyrup and James Thomas, who first collaborated on the Perpacity/DVL album, Convergence, in 2017. Following this, Oui Plastique was born, and they released UM EP 4, a three-track EP of covers of tracks by Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) for UnMute.

Since then, Martin and James have been writing tracks for the debut album, and Failure was written during these sessions. The song deals with themes of loss and hopelessness, and musically demonstrates Oui Plastique’s ability to craft hooks and clever song structure with synth and guitar playing, programming and production skills.

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