Dutch Punks THE COVIDS Prep Debut Album ‘Bust To Bits’

The Amsterdam-based band THE COVIDS were created out of boredom during the first lockdown and after numerous cancellations, they could finally play their first live concert during the fall of 2021. Since then the band has relentlessly played the Dutch club circuit and already made its mark in the UK and Germany. This coming spring they will do their first tours in the USA, Mexico, France and Spain. Needless to say: THE COVIDS are spreading fast!

After releasing their first single in 2022, they are ready to launch their debut album “BUST TO BITS” containing 11 energetic, raw, and melodic tracks that are extremely contagious. The album’s title track is a good example of what the band is all about lyrically, namely trying to have fun in a day and age that can sometimes feel apocalyptic. Musically THE COVIDS takes inspiration from such groups as BUZZCOCKS, THE DAMNED and THE WIPERS.

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