The Rhythm Of Ooze – Pretty Lightning

Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas are two lifelong friends from Saarbrucken, Germany who back in 2007 formed the band Pretty Lightning. The duo ticks off a long list of influences – from 60s psych and delta blues through to krautrock and drone – and the end-product is a heady dose of raw, twisted psychedelic-blues recalling an utterly visceral, mind-blowing mix of Oh Sees, Wooden Shjips and early Black Keys.

Fast forward ten years and the German two-piece have two highly-praised LPs behind them and are now gearing up for the third effort, ‘The Rhythm Of Ooze’ – due for release November 10th on Fuzz Club Records. Their latest long player sees them dive even further down the rabbit-hole of stomping garage-blues rhythms and unremitting motoric drones to dizzying effects. This is Pretty Lightning at their best, a head-heavy trip through their lysergic, rock’n’roll prowess.

On the primal call-to-arms of lead single ‘Willow Valley Blues’ Pretty Lightning delve into a howling, visceral garage-rock that doesn’t let loose for a second and on second single ‘This Machine Is Running’, the fuzzed-out guitars and echoing vocals are driven by a formidable gusto, only slowing down to meander into a blast of skewed, deranged keys. This is an album of many faces though, on one hand there’s the stomping garage-rock but on tracks like album opener ‘Thunder Mountain Return’ and ‘Pale Yellow’ they turn things down a notch and allow their warm psychedelic blues to drift off into lucid, tripped-out soundscapes that swirl around mesmerising instrumentals through a thick fog of dust.


1) Thunder Mountain Return
2) Willow Valley Blues
3) Tangerine Steam
4) Loops
5) The Rhythm Of Ooze
6) This Machine Is Running
7) Rainbow Fantasies
8) Pale Yellow
9) Moles
10) Born To Snooze
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