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“While ‘March’ bears a striking resemblance to Low with hints of Cat Power, the quintet steer closer to Sharon Van Etten and Feist on ‘Numbers’. DateMonthYear is a welcome addition to any playlist and a great taste of what’s to come for the band in 2018 as they wet listeners’ appetite with dynamism, consistency and sincerity. Free, harmonious and skillfully crafted compositions. If this is your bag, get on it” – Big Takeover Magazine

New Zealand outfit DateMonthYear has announced their forthcoming single ‘March’ on the trail of their well received single ‘Numbers’, released earlier in 2017. On both of these releases, the band tastefully combines pop melody and rock dynamics with a cinematic atmosphere, calling to mind such artists as Low, Cat Power, and Sharon Van Etten.

Based in Hamilton, DateMonthYear is a five-piece comprised of Trevor Faville, Emma Koretz, Brooke Baker, Hayely Schwass and Tyler Leet.

‘March’ eludes to the process of grief and loss, delivering a strong message with hard-hitting lyrics, music and video. The band worked with local production team Bad George in Hamilton to produce and film their new music video.

Bad George production team were award nominees at the HP 48 Hour Film Festival, with production crew member and also band member Brooke Baker nominated as best director and best female director, and Jay Baker nominated as best scriptwriter. Although March is Bad George’s first foray into making music videos, the video has received accolades at local and national film competitions.
“The lyrics in ‘March’ reflect the the transition from grief to hope when you lose someone suddenly. The shock when someone passes, and the questioning of your own identity and purpose, and then the point when you start to look forward again – whether it be in the sense of a traditional faith, or just about reconciliation with how life is. I think its quite a positive song, ending on an uplifting note,” says Trevor Faville.
“The song itself is quite different to our last one, musically. It’s a lot more dramatic and has dynamic changes involved. It’s something more of a big rock song. It is a completely different topic lyrically but probably just as intense.”
This release follows up their most recent single ‘Numbers’, which reflects on today’s society and how people’s lives revolve around numbers – those of your mortgage or rent, income, supermarket shopping and simply hoping that you have enough to pay for groceries and bills each week.
Shunning traditional band formats, DateMonthYear’s structure means that “commitment is defined by contribution”, allowing for new ideas and influences. The fluidity of the line-up ensures a smorgasbord of musical flavours.
The band is already working towards their debut album release, focusing on songs addressing issues that need to be spoken about, rather than being a distraction from what is actually going on in the world.
DateMonthYear ‘March’ will released via all the regular online stores and streaming platforms and already may be ordered via the band’s own Bandcamp.
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