Julian Borrego – ’Small Talk’ and ‘Xeriscape’

Meet Julian Borrego, a sought after multi-instrumentalist, Los Angeles based producer and singer-songwriter. Hailing from an extensive musical family with a world famous guitar playing grandpa (Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles), it is to no surprise that Borrego created his own musical endeavour. Combining dynamic and evoking funk melodies, psychedelic grooves and strong guitar riffs, Borrego has created a fresh and innovative sound that accentuates the genre-blending eclecticism of today.

After performing in numerous bands under the Universal and Warner Music subsidiaries, Borrego toured with Stone Temple Pilots where he played regularly to sold-out crowds. Tasting the success but lacking creative control and direction of the band, Borrego decided to focus on his solo project. The result is his debut EP Ouroboros, which is inspired by the likes of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Stevie Wonder and the propulsive soundscapes of Toro Y Moi and Tame Impala. Ouroboros is a stunning amalgamation of different genres and musical textures. “This EP was like a crock pot of sounds and instruments, blending together and creating new tastes for myself” reveals Borrego.

Leading single ‘Small Talk’ showcases Borrego’s distinctive sound. It’s ambient dissonance gradually progresses into a synthy, psychedelic funk anthem, creating a colorful and vibrant hit.

‘Xeriscape’ fuses psychedelic grooves, with hazy guitars and a steady funk bass line. It’s spiritual thematically, inspired by Borrego’s interest in traditional Indian philosophy and ‘maya’, meaning the fluctuating nature of joy and suffering. Borrego explains, “I think the feelings that create my music are often an expression of ‘maya’; some higher, more unchanging spiritual reality, grappling with experiencing the drastic duality of being a human”.

With an ever growing fanbase and media interest, Borrego is on the rise. Ouroboros is currently available worldwide.


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