Searmanas – Undo

“As close as one can get to calming bliss in sonic form… harmonious, clever and addictive music. Defying and rebuking easy categorization, Searmanas offers a holistic take on ambient music with a wee leaning towards the dark side. This NYC-based artist weaves in and out of ritual, pop, trance and a nostalgia-provoking mood, bringing her music closer into the familiar territory occupied by Jenny Hval” – The Record Stache

NYC-based electronic artist Searmanas presents ‘SEA’, the second single from her debut album, forthcoming via Cleopatra Records.  Slated for release on July 6, her first full-length self-titled release covers a wide spectrum of the electronic music world. This new single follows up her stunning debut single ‘Undo’.

Conceived in 2016, Searmanas is the solo project of electronic producer Niabi Aquena, her moniker derived from Gaelic and meaning “ceremony” or “ceremonial”. Originally hailing from the Shanandoah Valley in rural Virginia, Aquena has based her musical practice in New York City for almost two decades. A classically trained pianist and vocalist, her musical evolution has led her to experiment with electronic hardware.
Searmanas’ sound explores the role of ceremony within urban experience, resulting in severe, textured landscapes with touches of sparse vocals. Her wordless poetry ranges from industrial glitches to layered, oceanic progressions, all tied together by an aura of questioning and chaos. Her music is inspired by early Aphex Twin, Ryuichi Sakamoto, early Tori Amos, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Grouper, FKA Twigs and Fever Ray.

Searmanas has performed with the likes of John Bender, Hieroglyphic Being, Miho Hatori, and Mahogany. She is a member of Brooklyn-based media collective CHASM and regularly performs live in NYC and beyond.

“SEA is where we have landed. It is the culmination of everything. It was written, in fact, from a poem that I wrote a love many years ago which was adapted to become the lyrics to this song,” explains Niabi Aquena.

Reflecting on the first single, she says, “‘Undo’ Is a pause to the beginning before everything hurt. It is the release of the concept of time. It is the beginning of the process of healing.”
Searmanas singles ‘SEA’ and ‘Undone’ are both available now through online stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify. while the her full debut album, to be released on July 6, is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp.
Album produced by Niabi Aquena, Searmanas
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio (NY)
Mix by Joshua Valleau at The Glass Wall (NY)
In dedication to Yemaya


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