Rossetti Str. – The Rookies

The Rookies is a little bit of musing of getting back to the childhood and to the past. It’s a nostalgic dance song of those times when everything was brighter and easier. When we express ourselves honestly and when the keyword was not the benefit and the interests. When was not so tough to get the important things of daily life. We didn’t know anything about real pain and suffering, we just played happily. We were rookies of the real life.

Rosetti Str.
Electronic music formation from Esztergom (Hungary), integrated by composer The Bogen (Olivér Balogh) and Martin Tay (Márton Szabó) on vocals and lyrics.
The Bogen started learning music at the age of 5. He played trumpet and bass for more than 10 years. He started showing interest on composing at the age of 20, and he graduated as a music producer. Is one of the artists included in the first release of the label.
Martin Tay started singing at age of 11 in musicals. He was performing in a lot of Hungarian bands and found success on regional and national levels.
The duo met in a band and connected immediately. Afterwards they started making electronic music together.
The name Rosetti Str. came straight away as it is Bogen’s studio location. Their music genre is more of a brit-pop and dance music with a tint of soul.

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