London Indie Rockers THE INTERESTS drop debut EP ‘Going Nowhere, Fast’

LONDON, UK – The Interests have independently released their debut extended play, ‘Going Nowhere, Fast’, on October 14th, 2022. The 5-track record includes their two previous singles, ‘Capitulation’ and ‘Feel The Disparity’, released in February and May of this year respectively. ‘It’ll Never Be You’ provides a high-tempo, new-wave style punk feel to the record that can grip the listener straight away, carried by Ben Walker’s drumming, which seldom leaves a moment to breathe. The lyrics talk of the dangers of governmental overreach, questioning authority in general, as well as a fear of the future. ‘Capitulation’ then follows, as a slightly grungier, darker-sounding track. In the middle of the record comes the title track, ‘Going Nowhere, Fast’, an eighty-eight-second interlude that was written by singer, Ben Hunter in a McDonald’s during a break in their recording session.
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The song speaks of adoration and longing for someone who just won’t come back. The interlude ends with the sound of tapping in a phone number, which leads into the ringing noise at the top of the next song, ‘Sober’. Accompanied by a violin piece played by Marlon Barrios, the fourth track is the most sombre and angelic of the five.

Finally, the record ends as it began, with the high-tempo ‘Feel The Disparity’. The crunchy guitars, heavy bass riffs played by Joe Whitlock, big choruses and a guitar solo from Ollie Downes all come together in something indie rock melting pot and provides a great ending to the record. The production credits for the EP go to Ben Hillier, who recorded, mixed and mastered the songs in his North London studio. With more songs recorded and ready, the 19-year-olds aren’t giving up anytime soon. You could say they’re going nowhere, fast.

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