The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol and Crab Boat – Quality Rolls

A record dedicated to the memory of Mary Mackinnon who was a fan and supporter of The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol. She was DEEP into all genres of excellent music and loved to be challenged. Everyone adored Mary. She lost a 4 year battle with Kidney Cancer earlier this year. When Jason (TBWNIAS) and Bijon (Crab Boat) at her request, went to visit her during her very last stay in the hospital, she informed them at that time that she wanted The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol and Crab Boat to both perform at her “Remembrance of Life” Celebration. Her specific request was for TBWNIS to play “Creator Has A Master Plan” by Pharoah Sanders. Here we had the original record so we sat in Birdman Sound (Best record Shop in The World) just prior to Christmas last year and listened to it. The recording here on “Quality Rolls” is literally our first attempt and was fully improvised with zero overdubs. Subsequently we are now occasionally incorporating this piece into the odd set, despite the sadness we all feel whenever we play it. “Hepsibah” is a one off improvisation from either the week before or the night of when we recorded “Creator Has A Master Plan”. Hepsibah is of Hebrew derivation and means “my delight is in her”. Mary was not Hebrew but it’s meaning is what we understood and felt for her. Turn over for Crab Boat and an edit of MRI – Part 1. A deep well of ambient drones channelled through juju and jazz music – psychedelic yacht rock with Tony Conrad at the helm. As the title suggest the piece contains Mary’s actual “MRI” pulse within the music. Crab Boat are Bijon Roy, Greg Boa, Dave Reford, Jason Vaughan and Scott Thompson (the later 3 are also members of TBWNIAS).

This is a very ltd 250 vinyl pressing (with 125 for Europe and 125 for Canada) and Is pressed on random mixed colour vinyl.

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