Plastic Crimewave Syndicate – Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom

Cardinal Fuzz and Eye Vybe Records Present the new LP by the Windy City’s premier freak rock band – Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, “Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom”. Recorded at Minbal Studios in Chicago with producer Mark Yoshizumi on the same type of analog tape machine used at Muscle Shoals!

Special guests appear like synth-lord Bil Vermette, who’s been at it since the 70s (he recorded with the group VCSR, reissued by Permanent Records, and so- lo on the excellent private “Katha Visions” LP), heavy sax god Bruce Lamont (of Brain Tentacles, Indian, and many more avant-heavy groups ala Relapse recs) , and Whitney “Matchess” Johnson on viola (who records for Trouble in Mind records and was in the psychsters Verma). Influenced by the heavy/hairy freefest acid rawk sounds ala Edgar Broughton, Pink Fairies, Les Rallizes Denudes, High Rise, and ye olde Stooges for eternity, blended with some avant- prog/krautrock (think Van Der Graaf Generator/Sand/Faust) whose influence seep through the lengthy pained epic “No Place,” and the serious Guru Guru/Can worship on the spacey groove attack of “Future to the Ancients.” Even some post-punky moves penetrate the LP, where Swell Maps, Bauhaus, and Second Layer meet the communal Swedish psych of Harvester/Trad Gras on the ode to youthful drug experimenting, “Wasted All The Time.” Bassist Cosmic Jru admits a serious love of “free jazz” ala Alice Coltrane, Alan Silva and Albert Ayler, and damn it, his bandmates are on board for that spiritual experimenta- tion too. Drummer Jose “The Beast” Bernal loves a good hard boogie, ala “the Vast Beyond” and shit, Stonewall, Quo, UFO and Hawkwind are all in our collective unconsicousness.

350 vinyl pressing (175 for Europe (via Cardinal Fuzz) and 175 for USA (via Eye Vybe)

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