Phantoms vs Fire – Swim

Electronic music artist Phantoms vs Fire has announced a new expanded version of ‘Swim’, his debut album set for release via Hypersoma Records. This special edition, available exclusively on Bandcamp, is called ‘Deeper Swim’ and includes two additional tracks not available on the original version.

Phantoms vs Fire is the solo project of Italy-based Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist Thiago C. Desant. Both a composer and graphic artist, Desant focuses on melodies that incorporate traditional musical instruments, synthesizers and orchestral arrangements.
While Desant says that the artists who most strongly influenced his composition are Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Max Richter, Trent Reznor, and Gustavo Santaolalla, Phantoms vs Fire’s output is very distinct from any one of them. Tastefully blending electronica and ambient with dreamy classical influences, this album is bound to appeal to fans of Tycho, Com Truise, Youandewan, Bonobo, Philip Glass, Japan, and Mike Oldfield.
Clearly blazing his own remarkably beautiful path, Phantoms vs Fire engulfs the listener, who journeys with each composition from introspection and relaxation to reverie and intensity in the best tradition of Philip Glass, Japan and Ryuichi Sakamoto. This is the perfect soundtrack to late night stargazing, capable of lifting you to greater sonic heights. ?
Nicely swings between deep synths and palmy drums, the album’s title track, ‘Swim’ uses complex rhythmic devices with lush orchestral parts to create an ambience of tranquil introspection.
“In my head, ‘Swim’ tells the story of a couple who are tired of their daily routines and decide to leave their boring life behind. As they travel across the country in search for a new and more exciting life, they end up watching the return of the ancient beings that inspired the creation of all religions – the old gods – in a neon-lit pool of an old motel room,” explains Thiago C. Desant.
“They then learn that the gods want to return because they want the world back to a prehistoric state. A world in which the ancient gods were still feared… Or maybe they’re just imagining things? It’s not a dream though. Oh, and I can assure you they’re not dead. No, no. Definitely not dead.”
‘Swim Deeper’ will be released on January 19, but it is already available to order via the artist’s Bandcamp.


1. Breathing   03:16
2. Swim   03:57
3. The Beach House   03:55
4. Nightmares And Dreams   05:24
5. Cinematik   04:33
6. Atlantic   04:50
7. Nightwalker   05:34
8. Starfish   04:26
9. VHS Hypnosis   05:57
10. The Gloaming Swell   05:37
11. The Invisible Sea   04:45
12. Underwater   06:53

13. The Illusion (End Credits)   03:09

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