Black Lizard – Celebration Of A New Dawn

Since forming back in 2008, Finnish garage-rockers Black Lizard have been busy leading the charge in the ever-fruitful Scandinavian underground with their relentless gig schedule and a constant stream of releases. They’ve collaborated with the likes of Anton Newcombe and Sonic Boom and toured Europe several times, appearing at a number of festivals, including Great Escape, and sharing the stage with everyone from Brian Jonestown Massacre, DIIV, The Men, The Horrors, Allah-Las and Veronica Falls.

On February 23rd Black Lizard will be releasing their third album, ‘Celebration Of A New Dawn’, on London imprint Fuzz Club Records. Recorded in the basement of a rundown 50s movie theatre turned studio in Helsinki, the new album is a sublime excursion into Sixties-indebted, washed out garage-pop. ‘Celebration Of…’ is Black Lizards best album yet; a vivid, lysergic dose of swooning psychedelic bliss that channels the finest Nuggets cuts and the marching neo-psychedelic sounds that reverberated out of the 90s. On the new album, Black Lizard achieve what very few can in this ballpark, wearing their influences on their sleeve for all to see but repackaging them, to glorious effect, for the 21st-century disenfranchised.

‘Celebration Of A New Dawn’ follows Black Lizards S/T debut album (2013), recorded by Anton Newcombe and mixed by Sonic Boom, and 2015’s highly-praised ‘Solarize’ LP. The band is comprised of Paltsa-Kai Salama (vocals, guitar), Joni Seppanen (guitar), Lauri Lyttinen (bass) and Onni Nieminen (percussion).

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