Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band – Hyper Rituals

Hyper Rituals is the debut LP from Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band brought to you via Sheffield’s formidable Evil Hoodoo Records.
Forming the foundations of The Pleasure Temple’s mythology, Hyper Rituals presents three slabs of ritualistic noise, that sashay between heavy-psych, krautrock and free-jazz. From the outset, frenzied walls of sound attack the listener with manic laughter, crushing drums and wailing guitars; The Pleasure Temple are out to indoctrinate the listener, screaming insistent mantras with sectarian urgency.
A skeletal framework runs throughout the record of urgent, simplistic percussion driven riffs, bounding towards infinity with Sweat’s domineering shrieks juxtaposed perfectly against the distant, echoing beauty of Hoezelle’s chants.
Ideas of power and pleasure are explored across the record. Joyous beauty found within the insanity of their rapturous noise – a search for divinity within the sheer intensity and mania of it all.
Whilst bareing much similarity to Girl Sweat’s previous releases (primitive garage rock repetitivity and intense noise interludes) Hyper Rituals is an altogether much larger sound – fully utilising the barrage created by the further 7 cult members.
True to their notorious live performances, Hyper Rituals was recorded live at Mill Unitarian Chapel in Leeds.
The release will be accompanied by a series of shows throughout the UK as well as a two part music video for Rite To Power. The first video created by and featuring Sweat and Hoezelle details an occult midnight ritual in the French countryside, released with the announcement of the record. The latter will be a live performance video in conjunction with IMPATV released when the record drops in March
The cosmos has spoken. After pounding the world via his sonic masses within Girl Sweat, Sweat himself was to be the conduit to guide the lost through the darkness and into bliss via the power of noise, drone and groove. After a short ceremony of blood, fire and poisons, his followers were baptised into the movement. Since 2016 Sweat alongside his Pleasure Temple Ritual Band has been transcending audiences across the UK into liminal worlds of unparalleled joy via their cataclysmic, krautedelic onslaught. Live rituals have held up to 13 peoples worth of tribal percussion, unyielding guitar attacks, a cacophony of synth, sax and howling vocals.
Come to Temple, witness the beauty and get down.

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