Dispak – Dispak 1

DISPAK is the synthesis of electronic music composers/producers Chris Child and Kasson Crooker. Over the past 20 years, Chris through his monikerKodomoand Kasson throughSymbion Projecthave released a wide breadth of electronic music drawing from ambient, techno, IDM, downtempo, and cinematic soundscapes. After years of struggling to collaborate on opposite sides of the country, it was best to get into the same studio. An intense week of live experimentation using an array of early modulars, pedals, and drum machines resulted in their debut 3-song EP ~ DISPAK 1. This EP encompasses epic ambient soundscapes over slowly evolving techno rhythms to create 3 long-form pieces, including “Ozornin” with its skittering modular synthesizers and hypnotic acid techno.

DISPAK 1 is released October 16th on the Brooklyn based label FOIL.

Kodomo is moniker for electronic music producer and composer Chris Child. Kodomo’s work is often melodic and dreamlike in nature, with roots in minimalism, techno, and IDM, among other styles. Child is also an Emmy award winning TV composer and has contributed music for a handful of games developed by Harmonix.

Symbion Project is the eclectic electronic endeavor of Kasson Crooker, creating bittersweet songs with a cinematic flair. Over the course of 9 albums, Symbion Project has touched on vocal-driven electronica, techno/IDM, and classical synthesizer music, while Kasson’s other bands ELYXR, Rocococo, & Freezepop create quirky synthpop.

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